2018: Week 8 ~ 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Heirloom

I’m looking forward to starting another year-long of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks with AmyJohnson Crow.  If you’ve never joined into this type of a weekly writing blog, check out her 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks site for more information. I first joined in 2014, opening my first blog and proud to say… I completed all 52 weeks on time! My 2014: 52 Week Ancestor Challenge can be found on the previous link.

Week 8 ~ Heirloom

I have several “heirlooms” I’ve inherited from my grandparents, and have written on them the past few years and can be found here on my blog… Friday Night Family Heirlooms.

Let’s take a walk through a few family treasures of Steve’s family that are shared amongst the family.

Uncle Frankie brought out one day a few treasured heirlooms from his father’s “barbering” days. If only those tools could talk… what barbershop tales they’d tell. But most stories told in Grandpa Joe’s barber chair, stayed in the barber chair!

joe cambino barber chair

Steve has many memories of this chair, but it was mostly used for napping once he bought a new chair. Grandpa Joe cut almost all the boys hair in the family and Steve went there for his weekly haircuts… dreading it! It wasn’t where he wanted to spend his afternoon… sitting in the chair, while cigarette smoke swirled around as grandpa cut his hair. If he wasn’t keeping still enough, grandpa quickly grabbed his head to place it where he wanted… and you didn’t dare move or else you’d be yelled at… and your mother would be told that you didn’t behave.

My husband rescued grandpa Joe’s prized radio from a basement cleanup one summer Saturday afternoon as a younger cousin living there was having a tag sale. It was a radio he so remembers as a young boy, sitting on the shelf in grandpa’s barber shop… always playing as he arrived for his haircut; a haircut he always dreaded. (He was reading Click or possibility Clip magazine)


Here is that same radio… and it once sat in the kitchen on the farm!


Grandma Minnie had several dresses, thanks to the sewing ability of her daughter Nancy; I’m told grandma loved polka dots, which is somewhat funny when you associate her name, Grandma Minnie, with Minnie Mouse… who also loved polka dots! At one point, Nancy made a small lap quilt from remnants of all those dresses… it’s preserved in the home of Grandma’s daughter Dolly.

grandma minnies quilt

I’m sure many will remember some of Grandma Minnie’s dresses!


Steve remembers Grandpa Joe (Cambino) smoking a pipe and the proof is that we have his pipe rack; another item Steve rescued from his grandmother’s cellar. At the time he took it, he had just begun smoking a pipe… not quite sure how that came about or why anyone would want to, but he enjoyed smoking it and had several fancy pipes.

pipe rack

Grandpa Joe’s Pipe Rack

I hope you’ve enjoyed remembering a few of the family heirlooms!

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Week 8 (February 19-25): Heirloom
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